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Stones Throw/Nu Gruv Alliance

Stones Throw Records is the result of Peanut Butter Wolf's lifelong love of hip hop music. P.B. Wolf founded the imprint in the mid-'90s in the wake of a major label deal gone sour and the untimely death of his partner in rhyme Charizma. Since the posthumous release of My World Premier by Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf, the label has come into its own with a string of critic-and-DJ-acclaimed battle breaks and instrumental hip hop records (Peanut Butter Beats, Super Duck Breaks, DJ Design's Gather Round), as well as a few milestone albums by San Francisco Bay Area artists such as Rasco, the Lootpack, Quasimoto, and P.B. Wolf's own My Vinyl Weighs A Ton. Ever the vinyl connoisseur, Wolf has even launched a series of seven-inch singles to commemorate the 45s he bought as a kid.