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Matador Records

Almost since the moment Chris Lombardi founded it in his New York apartment back in 1989, Matador has been pretty much the hippest indie label on the planet. Onetime Homestead Records manager Gerard Cosloy joined Lombardi in 1990 and together the duo oversaw the growth of a small musical empire that has become universally admired for its unflagging commitment to artistic freedom and diversity. Matador's offices in Manhattan's Soho district were one the hottest spots in independent music during the '90s, serving as the dissemination point for the music of Pavement, Yo La Tengo, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Guided By Voices, Pizzicato Five, and countless others. In recent years, Matador has further extended its reach by establishing offices in London. The label has also expanded its scope beyond indie rock to include hip hop, electronic, and experimental music. In plain English: Matador puts out some damn fine music -- and plenty of it.