The following six tracks will help you through your day, your weekend, your night out, and your hangover afterwards. They have the right ingredients for a weekend soundtrack: humor, aggression, weirdness, punk rock, and a song called "Friday" that isn't a piece of shit.  

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Death From Above 1979 "Dead Womb": This song is raw power. Whenever you read about a new punk band or hear the latest punk rock band on the radio, listen to this song for a comparison. "Dead Womb" is a riot, but not the fun kind of riot where everyone is laughing and having a grand time. It's the sweaty, thrashing, intense, wonderful, chaotic riot. An old classic, to be sure. 

Pterodactyl "School Glue": I really dig experimental avant music. But what I really love is experimental avant music that's accessible. Pterodactyl is far too weird to be considered a pop act, but their catchy hooks and bizarre harmonies are way too addictive to be pure avant garde. "School Glue" is the perfect August song. Sunny, warm, and scream-worthy.

Gramatik "Friday": Yes. I know. The song is called "Friday," today is Friday, we run this feature every Friday. Just listen. Gramatik is making that rare version of hip-hop/electronic music that you can both bounce to and play air guitar to. In "Friday" you can even sing a hook. It'll be fascinating to see what Gramatik can do with an MC. 

Caribou "Odessa": I feel like this track had to added to the Roundup. It's so weird and catchy and wonderful.

The Vaccines "Norgaard": C'mon. It's summer. This is a summer song. Is an explanation necessary?

Starfucker "Lollipop/Peachy (Josh Hodges mashup)": So...whether this is incredible or incredibly silly I can't really be certain. I just dig it.