Since some kids made their way to the bus stop for that first day of school this week, it's getting harder to deny that summer is on its way out. Hopefully like me, you're one of the lucky ones who starts after Labor Day. Here are a few tracks to help you hold onto those last fleeting moments before the monotony sets in.

Ratatat "Seventeen Years": It's probably the band's most well-known song -- and it's finally made its way to Epitonic. It's definitely one of my favorites that I heard in the flesh at Lollapalooza. The instrumental track debuts with great dialogue that might throw you off if you're not familiar with their ability to perfectly match psychedelic guitar riffs to a synthesizer.

Nik Freitas "Saturday Night Underwater": Classic piano pop rock that could only be better if you were literally experiencing his lyrics and floating in the calmest of waters watching a sunset.  

Trans Am "Futureworld": Intense drums start and carry this track by these older gents. Although minimalistic, it's still very danceable, since the robotic sounds carry so easily through a crowded room.  

Honorable Mentions

Library Voice "Generation Handclap": This song makes me want to put on some sunscreen and get to the beach as fast as possible -- preferably in someone's shiny red convertible.  

Washed Out "Eyes Be Closed": Synth that leaves you feeling all sensual. 

Com Truise "Ether Drift": You know you love the catchy name tied to this synth-pop that won't let you sit still.