After another long simmery summer week in Chicago, a damn fine Kyle Andrews exclusive, and the first official staff meeting in Epitonic's rad new office space (many anecdotes, quips, and musical musings were exchanged), and an upcoming Epitonic saki Session coming this Saturday with Son Lux. Needless to say life is fucking grand over at the Epitonic camp. Now here is my guide to making YOUR life a little more grand.   

When Saints Go Machine "Kelly": Chances are you have probably heard this song. It's hard for the soft crooning falsettos from Nicholas Manuel Vonsild and Jonas Kenton to not immediately catch ones ear. It's even harder for the syncopated synth-bass pattern to not immediately inspire you to break into an '80s like pop-dance wherever you may be. Street, bedroom, public transit, business meeting... Who cares? However, this is not to be associated with the "cheese factor" that is often times associated with anything from that decade. No doubt. This shit is deep. Also, check out their other track "Add Ends". It is equally as solid.

Machinedrum "TMPL": A personal favorite artist of mine hailing from the California IDM-glitch-trip hop scene that is oozing with talent right now. Despite his past releases being much more of the trip-hop nature, it is clear that Travis Stewart is taking cues from his UK 2-step and garage counterparts and saying, "This is how we do it on the west coast." Chopped vocals samples: check. Sub bass: check. 130-140bpm tempo range: check. Syncopated drum pattern: check. Atmospheric synth: check. And now you got yourself a 2-stepper right there. Now tell me those drum samples aren't lifted from a hip-hop track. 

Toro y Moi "New Beat": Chazwick and crew are often recognized as being one of the top acts in the "chillwave" movement that is sweeping through indie music right, but frankly I feel this track offers much more than that (not that there is anything wrong with chillwave). It just fuckin' grooves and lends much more to Chazwick's freak folk and R&B upbringing. Plus, that synth line just jives. 

Honorable Mentions

A Lull  "Pot Luck": If this is what happens when five drummers start a band, well shit, I would say groups of drummers need to start bands more often. Chicago love.

Battles "Leyendecker": A classic Battles track and is the track ultimately responsible for getting me into them. That vocal pitched up vocal melody is just hypnotizing.

Neon Indian "Fallout": Do me a favor and go for a cruise at night while listening to this track.