July is almost over. Summers continually breeze by at an increasingly rapid pace. The biggest hurdle is still ahead. August. The month that never even sounds like fun. The locked-up emotions from before the term "summer job" really meant anything still have us all dreading school starting in September, throwing us back into a dreaded "routine."  

Our routine is variety...

Computer Magic "Grand Junction": There's nothing crazy about this song. There's nothing entirely complex or sophisticated or layered or provocative or anything like that. "Grand Junction" is an upbeat, lo-fi, electro tune to blare out of your car and not really give a shit who's staring at you. Computer Magic sounds as at home at a party as it does in your headphones. 

Alexander "Truth (feat. RZA)": I could've picked this track just based on overall bizarreness. At an Edward Sharpe concert, someone told me, "if Jesus were making music, he'd be Edward Sharpe." I can't say exactly what state of mind that individual was in when he made that comment; however, pairing Alex Ebert with RZA was not something I could've anticipated. But getting over the initial weirdness of the pairing is simple once you realize they're both incredible musicians. What RZA contributes to this track sonically and lyrically enhances its weirdly somber (yet addictive) sci-fi/spaghetti western qualities.

D/Wolves "Tell Me Why": Something about this song just really reminds me of being a teenager. It could be that it reminds of music I used to listen to back then. It could be that D/Wolves crafts catchy pop songs that are both lighthearted and anthemic at the same time. Or it could be that the members are practically babies. Whichever it is, I dig it. 

Honorable Mentions

Matthew Friedberger "She's Relieved, Actually": What Matt's doing with his Solos series is fucking rad. This song is played on harp. Only harp.

Love Inks "Black Eye": I was actually really torn about putting this in the honorable mention slot due to this song's greatness. It just feels like a winter song.

Cut Off Your Hands "Hallowed Out": This has "John Hughes Movie" written all over it.