Salutations, fellow music lovers and welcome to Epitonic’s third edition of the weekly roundup. That’s right, don’t grab those reading spectacles, grandpa -- because you didn’t read that wrong. I said third weekly round up. You probably didn’t think we would make it that long, but luckily for you we have and I’ve carefully surveyed the featured tracks on Epitonic this week and found the essential must-listen-to tracks. I’ve snagged everything from folk to indie-pop and even a little Lykke Li ditty with some horrorcore influence. Oooo?
How I got down from June 6th -- June 10th, 2011:
Lord Huron “The Stranger”: Let the fluttery arpeggiated ukulele, distressed guitar leads and melancholy vocals take you to a place located somewhere between relaxation and nostalgia. Then boom, a minute from the end just when you thought it was over, you're lifted into a state of dance-like jubilee, cued by a four-count kick drum. If you don’t find yourself jigging like a giddy inebriated Irish man or woman all over your apartment/house then something’s probably wrong. Plain and simple, this track is superb.
Ra Ra Riot “Boy”: Three out of the five days this week in Chicago we have laughed, rejoiced, and cried in the 90+ degree weather the city has experienced -- and needless to say summer is here. Now I don’t own a car, I own a bike, but if I owned a car (my imaginary car will have to do for now) "Boy" would be on my list of tunes to play while speeding around in my (preferably) '48 Studebaker Commander with nothing but the open road in my sights. Or at least till I hit the next stoplight -- which in city talk means every three blocks. With schizophrenic bass lines and poppy guitar riffs like this you may not find time to stop every three blocks for those bothersome lights. You got tunes to listen to, man!
Generationals “Greenleaf”: Chirpy, happy, and light as the piano goes...  Straightaway, it’s hard to not immediately be lured into this track. “Greenleaf” is a featured track off the two-piece’s recently released album Actor-Caster on Park The Van Records. At first listen, with the simple vocals and the pop-like structured chord progressions chirping from the piano you would probably be surprised to learn that the duo calls New Orleans home. While the track does manage to break the status quo of jazz influence in New Orleans music, the walking bass part is still there and provides a much needed backbone to the song and perhaps pays a bit of homage to their New Orleans roots. Put this song on your iPod and walk to it. Just try it.  
Honorable Mentions
Lykke Li “I Follow Rivers (Tyler, the Creator Remix)”: As if he wasn’t buzzing enough right now, he chops up a Lykke Li track. Tyler does seem to know how to appeal to his fan base. If I didn’t know any better I would think he went to an arts and media high school or something…
Okkervil River “Kansas City”: I have my girlfriend to thank for turning me onto this highly emotional folk-rock group.  You really can’t go wrong with a little Okkervil River.
Four Tet “No More Mosquitos”:
Kieran Hebden never ceases to amaze me with his effortless ability to fuse electronic, folk, jazz and any other sound element he can get his hands on together.