Strangely, one of my favorite things about music isn't finding something I like and sticking with it, but rather constantly finding artists that are new to me, that have something special in their sound. Like anything, this habit has its ups and downs. As a positive, I'm always finding interesting new artists of all styles and backgrounds. Unfortunately, I commonly listen to something I thoroughly enjoy only once before complete forgetting about it for months at a time. This, of course, leads to another positive -- that day, 5 months down the line, when I'm mindlessly browsing my music library and re-discover something amazing.

The point of this ramble is to explain the importance of listening to bands you've never heard of. No, you will not like everything you hear. But it's a unique feeling when you come across something so marvelous you get chills up and down your body. And it's even better when you're one of 1,000 people to have ever heard that song. The following are artists I had not heard of, or spent time listening to, prior to this week. 

Thanks for the introduction, fellow editors!

ME & LP "La Belle Tocade": There's a lot of greatness going on in this song. The creepy organ sets the mood from the start, just not the mood you might expect. Surprisingly, the crooning female vocals and muffed drum pattern give this song a somewhat badass attitude. Like a calm badass. Like Ip Man

Rubblebucket "Came Out of a Lady 8-Bit (Fun Secret remix)": Rubblebucket isn't entirely new to me, I just haven't spent any time really listening to them. I was into this track right away because 8-bit is very sentimental to me -- takes me back to the days at my Grandparent's house, playing Tecmo Bowl against my brother. I may be a Lions fan, but damn those '85 Bears were good in that game.

Horse Feathers "Curs in the Weeds": Though I've always been a fan of folk music, I hadn't spent much time exploring the folk/americana scene until recently. I hadn't heard of these guys prior to this week at all, but they fit right in with the likes of Bill Callahan and Big Harp. Think older Iron and Wine.

Grimes "Genesis": Another band I haven't taken the time to listen to until now. The downtempo feel had me in from the start. Cue sexy vocals... enter pounding drum beat... I'm sold. Sounds like a more electronic, less experimental the Blow to me.

Heavenly Beat "Faithless": These guys are destined to be quite popular. Fronted by Beach Fossil's bassist, Heavenly Beat has the abstract feel of Animal Collective, but manages a more wavy, pop sound similar to Belle and Sebastian.

Novillero "A Little Tradition": If you're a fan of the Long Winters, you're likely to be fond of Novillero. Upbeat drums, catchy guitar licks and ska-esque horns. What's not to like?