Near the tail end of this past Thanksgiving weekend, I made a "meal" out of leftover mashed potatoes and potato chips. That was the tipping point, friends -- the moment I knew I needed to go back to work for my own good. Epitonic!  Saving me from myself!

These are a few of my favorite tracks added over the past week; all are worth your time and attention, some even rival yesterweekend's potato-on-potato dinner in illicit deliciousness.

Starch-on-Starch Action
Sharon van Etten "Serpents": Something about "Serpents" is reminiscent of Lana Del Rey's hotly debated/incessantly press-released "Video Games" -- like if the song's protagonist grew a pair, took a step back, realized that mooning over this guy was a fast track to self-esteem nadir, and stuck up for herself. I love Sharon van Etten when she goes electric, and if the way that haunting pedal steel coils around those tight harmonies is any indication of what the rest of her 2012 release Tramp will deliver, color me hotly anticipating this album.

of Montreal "Wintered Debts": A seven-minute opus from the band's forthcoming eleventh album (raise your hand if you feel old, assuming age no longer compromises your ability to raise your hand without assistance), it's essentially a portfolio of all the tricks Kevin Barnes has added to his portfolio over the years: messy psychedelia, quick time-signature switchups, danceable indie pop. It's got movements like a full-blown mini rock opera, and a gorgeous coda tacked onto the end: a welcome return to form for the band.

Mashed Potatoes Served Solo
Le Butcherettes "Henry Don't Got Love":
Frontwoman Teri Gender Bender's band has been around a few years in various incarnations, but it wasn't until this year's Sin Sin Sin that the group really came into its own. Le Butcherettes have always done an excellent job at reconciling attitude with catchiness, but here, the sound is clearer and more robust (partially thanks to Omar Rodriguez-Lopez' (The Mars Volta) production, teasing great sound out of the band. "Henry Don't Got Love" calls out novelist (and noted sexy times enthusiast) Henry Miller by name, delivering a handy brow-beating via loud guitars and a catchy chorus. "You're ashamed of me" never sounded so appealing.

Salty-Ass Chips
Wild Beasts "Two Dancers (Oneohtrix Point Never Remix)": Wild Beasts often sound a little decadent for my taste, but OPN plays to the band's strengths, fortifying the fluttery vocals with chiming synths that seem to always be on the verge of slipping out of tune (in an appealing way).

Lydia Loveless "Can't Change Me": Great Americana tune about hard drinkin' and soft emotin' courtesy of Lydia Loveless, one of Bloodshot Records' best finds of late.

Fucked Up "I Hate Summer": I don't!  Bring it back, Damian! And take your band off hiatus while you're at it!