On more than one occasion I have wondered (oftentimes aloud) what my cat Elliott would say about some of the things I listen to. As most cat owners know, cats can be extremely judgmental and this certainly seems to be the case for Elliott. With each glance over his furry shoulder I can't help but think that I have toilet paper stuck to my shoe or that he knows I just watched an entire season of Toddlers and Tiaras

However, with these tracks it was almost as if my cat gave me a head nod from across the room. One that said, "Yeah girl -- that's a damn good tune right there." Call me crazy, but I'm about 85% sure that it happened. I guess it's just one of those things that happens when you reach cat lady status. (Please note: in my head Elliott sounds like Jason Schwartzman.) 

Here are Elliott's favorite tracks of the week:

The Hood Internet "Go Hahahaha": The Chicago duo are at it again, perfectly blending Das Racist's "hahahaha jk" and "Go Outside" by Cults. As a fan of Das Racist and as a person who knows more about them than any normal person should (I wrote a 10 page midterm paper on their lyrics), this song definitely made it into my favorite mash-ups by The Hood Internet. Elliott's definitely a fan too: A full DJ set-up was moved into my office recently and he's been hanging out on those turn-table every day showing off everything he learned from the Hood Internet. 

Jamie Woon "Lady Luck" (Microburst Remix): Often times Elliott and I daydream about moving to the UK, and with tracks like this it's easy to understand why. Jamie Woon's sultry vocals are reminiscent of acts like How to Dress Well and the Weeknd but stand out with the their heavy electronic backdrop. With a little help from Microburst, "Lady Luck" will have you wanting to groove no matter how packed that train is. 

Nightmares On Wax "Flip Ya Lid": Another British artist we couldn't get enough of this week. This track manages to create such a unique and full sound with its repetitive beat and lush vocals. It's also the perfect track to listen to while tackling homework or, in Elliott's case, the perfect soundtrack a busy evening of knocking things over. 

Bell X1 "Hey Anna Lena": This may be one of the best love songs I've heard in awhile. This Irish group has created something that verges on indie rock while supplementing my need for synths. Hey guys, you know that mixtape you want to make for that girl you like? Put this on there and good things will happen. 

Moe Green "Extra Extra": Elliott is much more gangsta than I will ever be, but I pride myself on my taste in hip-hop music. Sick and tired of the Lil Waynes and Drakes of the scene? Moe Green can help you out. With smooth beats and a flow that's as truthful as it is strong, any hip-hop fan will appreciate this track. 

HALFMANHALF x G_Force "Satellites" (feat. Tope and Wylen): I'm not too familiar with the Portland hip-hop scene, but if it sounds like this, consider me a fan. On their free mixtape GLOW, HALFMANHALF and G_Force team up to create a hip-hop track that provides a little bit for everyone. 

Daedelus "Precious": While Elliott loves falling asleep to this track (and, well, to most tracks), I've been turning to Daedelus for study music for a while now. Combining abstract beats with touches of hip-hop and chillwave, "Precious" also makes for the perfect space-out tune once you've given up studying for that exam.