It was a rough week full of late night paper writing and PowerPoint assembling thanks to my poor decisions to do as little as possible over Halloween weekend. But I made it out alive, and here are a few jams that pulled me through.

Doldrums "I'm Homesick Sittin' Up Here In My Satellite": There's so much going on in this song it's almost overwhelming. Sometimes the singing and sounds are on a different tempo and it's awkward for a split second, but then it smooths over into a great audio piece. 

Ratatat "Mirando": I used to be a big fan and then one day I lost interest (I couldn't tell you why). But then
I saw them this summer at Lollapalooza and they totally blew my mind with their matching/layering ways. This is another great track that showcases their affinity for this technique.

M83 "Claudia Lewis": Dream pop at its finest. If you don't know who Anthony Gonzalez is you're missing out! His new wave tracks never fail to amaze me. Wait, no! His new wave tracks never fail to amaze anyone -- that is, if the sounds of the eighties resonate with you.  

Honorable Mentions

Okkervil River "Wake and Be Fine": Slightly mellow with a few notes of heavy conviction.  

Born Gold "Lawn Knives": Lots of noise and electronic distortion keep you on your toes -- you just don't know where it's going. 

Thee Oh Sees "The Dream": It's rock in all its danceable glory.