Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Epitonic Weekly Roundup. I'll be your ranch hand this week, taking metaphors too far and branding my top three picks of the week. The fact of the matter is there are dozens of new tracks added every week and while they've all been carefully selected for your listening pleasure, we know your time is precious. So, with the documentary film Young at Heart playing on PBS in the background, I'll do my best. Though it's hard when a gaggle of octogenarians are singing Sonic Youth's "Schizophrenia."

Without further ado, the picks of May 30 - June 3, 2011:

Xiu Xiu "Clowne Towne": While this is far from a new song -- first appearing on the 2004 5 Rue Christine release Fabulous Muscles -- I felt that we needed to beef up our Xiu Xiu catalog this week. "Clowne Towne" is one of the more accessible Xiu Xiu tunes, yet the content is likely only relatable to those who seriously hate their lot in life. Behind warbling synth arpeggios, strings, and autoharp lies a bed of scathing lyrics about disassociation, failure, and loss. "Your true self has become weak and alone and annoying / A true ridiculous dumb-ass." Clowne Towne sounds like a horrible place to live, but it's a great introduction to a truly remarkable band. Check out the other selections we're currently featuring including "Boy Soprano" and "Dear God, I Hate Myself" on the Xiu Xiu artist page.

Cracker "Low": Having grown up in the '80s, it's strange to think that this song is probably playing on 15 Classic Rock stations right now. I had the pleasure of seeing Cracker play a street fest in Chicago last year. A friend of mine tour-manages them and I got some free beer out of the deal. There was even a dude that looked like Brendan Fraser in Airheads. Leather jacket, long wavy hair, ripped jeans...classic! There were also indie kids, geezers, and families bopping along, which is a testament to the band. You don't have to tell your cool friends that you downloaded it, but you should definitely grab this song now. Remember the video from MTV's Buzz Bin with Sandra Bernhard in the boxing ring with singer David Lowery?

Vetiver "Wonder Why": Some would call this Nor-Cal folk-pop, but a careful listener will notice the southern roots rock flavoring courtesy of singer-songwriter Andy Cabic, who was born in Virginia and went to college in North Carolina. A rolling, finger-picked guitar riff underscores what is essentially a pop song in root-folk trappings. Cabic's plea, "when is this old world gonna do me right?" is an honest enough question for someone who's been doing us right musically since '92.

Honorable Mentions

Deerhoof "Milking": I swear I heard a recorder in there at one point.

Hospital Ships "Anyone Everyone": Lips-esque lo-fi indie rock.

Chad VanGaalen "Willow Tree": Banjo-plunking. Vibrating falsetto. Lyrics about death. Gotta love that CVG.