The Ashland stop on the Green Line was far more agreeable July 29 than it was during Pitchfork. The El platform wasn't filled with a billion people being herded out to the fields, and the overall niceness of the masses had faded. The walk to the Bottom Lounge was comfortable, rather than blistering, and the cool embrace of air-conditioned shows makes me dread the next weekend festival.

Parlovr's press info says to pronounce their name "as if the 'v' was a 'u.'" The marquee had spelt the name "Parlour" instead of "Parlovr."

"We are Par-lover and we're from Canada," guitarist/vocalist Louis David Jackson stated after a few confusing opening numbers. The early set was a jagged contrast between punk and new wave, neither playing along with the other. When "Hell, Heaven" three songs in, punk and new wave married up nicely with a spacey, indie pop chant-along sound. Following "Hell, Heaven" Parlovr's set spot on, despite the audience not knowing whether to dance or mosh.

Dan Boeckner and Alexi Perry of Handsome Furs were adorable in their love for Chicago. Early in the Furs set Perry stated, "I love Chicago so much that every time we play here, I get so nervous I throw up back stage."

Adorableness aside, Handsome Furs were not meant for small, indoor venues. It was difficult to distinguish bass from distorted noise throughout the set. For die-hard fans, shows like this are spiritual. For passing fans like myself? Handsome Furs are for blasting at parties and our car windows.