Chicago's Yourself and the Air released a rather lengthy EP on Lujo Records yesterday. We say lengthy because clocking in at seven songs is right there in LP range according to the Grammys' classification. But until we see these guys going double platinum (we're not putting it past them!), we'll be content to rock this new album, Who's Who in the Zoo and check them out live at one of their many tour dates starting in June.

Before you head over and buy a copy of the EP from Lujo's digital store, check out this awesome guest playlist that guitarist/singer Erick Crosby curated for us.

Braids - Plath Heart
These guys (and girls) put on hell of a live show, someone told me they're only 20!! Awesome...
Women - Eyesore
I love the recordings these guys put out, sounds straight out of the 60's.
Ponytail - Easy Peasy
I heard that Ponytail broke up, I hope not..I know that Dustin Wong is still rocking, definitely one of my favorite bands.
Lead Belly - Goodnight Irene
My dad used to play Lead Belly all the time, I never thought it was cool until I heard Nirvana talk about him during their Unplugged concert.
Warpaint - Undertow
These chicks can wail.
Deerhoof - Offend Maggie
Greg Saunier is probably the best drummer to watch play live.
Kurt Vile - Jesus Fever
Kurt. Hurt.
Julian Lynch - In New Jersey
Julian's music is odd, odd in a good way.
Panda Bear - Last Night At the Jetty
We saw Panda Bear last year at Pitchfork on magic mushrooms, need I say more..
Deerhunter - Memory Boy
This is my favorite jam on this record.