While working on the new site we've been keeping our presence up on Facebook and Twitter. We decided to randomly select one of our Twitter followers to create a playlist as a guest editor when we hit 1000, 1250 and 1500 followers.

Congratulations to Emanuele Brunetto, a music writer and radio personality from Italy! Emanuele selected 10 songs that mean a lot to him and wrote a bit about why he picked them. The best part is that he doesn't really speak English, which is I think is pretty amazing as it really shows that we are part of a global community.

Emanuele's List:

Radiohead - "There There" (Simply the most representative band of the new millennium. Essential in any classification.)
Godspeed You Black Emperor! - "The Buildings They Are Sleeping Now" (The birth of post-rock is also about their music.)
Shellac - "Watch Song" (Steve Albini is one of the men who changed the face of the underground, as musician, as producer, as sound engineer.)
June Of 44 - "Cut Your Face" (Together with Slint, the best example of what was Louisville, Kentucky.)
Blonde Redhead - "Misery Is A Butterfly" (There is a reason if they shock Steve Shelley and Guy Picciotto.)
Uzeda - "The Milky Way" (Like me, they are from Catania, Sicily. Abrasive guitars and pounding rhythm section.)
The Black Heart Procession - "Tropics Of Love" (Dark atmosphere and dusty deserts for the best band of the Temporary Residence LTD.)
At The Drive-In - "Pattern Against User" (The power of their sound has taken the hardcore in the 90's.)
Barzin - "Pale Blue Eyes" (Certainly one of the most emotional songwriters of the new generation.)
Psychocean - "Meridian Zero" (The most exciting band from Catania, Sicily.)