Philly DIY punk veterans Restorations are celebrating the release of their new self-titled 12" LP today. We wanted to join in on the merriment so we asked guitarist/vocalist Jon Loudon to curate a playlist as an Epitonic guest editor. The only requirements were that he select one song from his own band and the rest from the Epitonic catalog. Here are his selections and a bit about why he chose them.

You can get their gate-folding 12" today via Tiny Engines

1) Restorations "Val d'Or" - This is what our band sounds like. Sometimes the ending is longer live. Loop that last 30 seconds for a couple minutes.

2) Parts & Labor "Rest" - Electronics don't make any sense to me. This band is a bunch of wizards. Great harmonies, too.

3) Young Widows "Old Skin" - This is the riff I was looking for.

4) Pedro The Lion "Never Leave a Job Half Done" - I had no idea David Bazan used to be in Unwed Sailor. Thanks Epitonic!

5) Bill Callahan "Baby's Breath" - Bill Callahan is the greatest.

6) Grails "Reincarnation Blues" - Finally getting to see this band on Saturday. I have no idea how they write these songs.

7) Bats & Mice "Hallway" - We've gotten to play a bunch of shows with these guys this past year. What a fucking good band. Doing more shows with them in May.

8) Constantines "Soon Enough" - I saw this band once. Their bass player put his instrument down mid-song to go get a beer from the bar. I wish this band hadn't broken up.

9) Tom Waits "Book of Moses" - Grumble grumble grumble.

10) Earth "The Driver" - For Bruno.