NewVillager's Ross Simonini gives Epitonic the guest playlist treatment today with an extremely diverse mix of tracks. For those not in the know, NewVillager is an arts collective showcasing a visual side just as deep as the musical side. Turn your headphones way up and click play on what is sure to be one of your favorite guest playlists to date.

1) Cass McCombs - "County Line"

McCombs songs have an instantly classic quality, like he just intuitively understands the structures and tropes of pop music.

2) Titus Andronicus - "A More Perfect Union"

Just toured with these guys. So much energy. Makes me pine for the days of my high school punk band.

3) Terry Riley - "The Pipes of Medb Medb's Blues"

Terry Riley is so good. Hadn't hear this piece until today. Deeply enjoyed it. Thanks, Epitonic!

4) Negativland - "Truth In Advertising"

In high school, I'd often drive around listening to Over the Edge, Negativland's radio show. It usually made me laugh out loud. No exception here.

5) Tyondai Braxton - "The Violent Light Through Falling Shards"

Listening to Braxton's compositions is like taking a shower in sound. Very refreshing.

6) The National - "Fake Empire"

Who doesn't like this? And listen to that horn arrangement at the end. Bryce Dessner is among the finest arrangers around. Love his solo compositions.

7) Gayngs - "Gaudy Side of Town"

One of the great records of the last few years. Touching that forbidden soft-rock button we all want to touch.

8) Gang Gang Dance - "Revival Number One"

First Gang Gang track I ever heard. Cracked my brain in two.

9) Girls - "Vomit"

One of the many songs off the new record that really understands patience, tension, and ecstatic release. And yet, so subtle, all of it. What songwriting.

10) Planning to Rock - "Doorway (Creep Remix)"

Two fantastic artists.