Straight from the indie haven, Brooklyn, Little Gold brings a new-fangled sound to the scene. Low-fi folk with a fuzzy backdrop, their unique reverberation does not disappoint. Be sure to download Little Gold's track "Sisters & Friends," on Epitonic; You'll find yourself singing along in no time! While your at it, we hope you take great pleasure in listening to Little Gold's plethora of hand-picked songs. The team at Epitonic most certainly did!

From Little Gold's Christian Deroeck (Woods).

King Khan & the Shrines  "Land of the Freak"
This song is like the Stooges meets Otis Redding, and it's fucking unreal!  King Khan is so consistently great, and I can't think of another singer of his generation that even comes close to touching him.  No one does it better.

White Fence "Get That Heart"
Lo-fi psychedelia sounds great and all, but a lot of times bands use it to hide the fact that they can't write songs.  Tim Presley of White Fence wins because he writes great songs, some of which could be lost Kinks gems.  Is Growing Faith is one of the best records I've heard in years.  Brilliant, creative production and jam-packed with hits.

Peaking Lights "Hey Sparrow"
Summer jam of 2011!  Peaking Lights are kind of like Beach House, except you ate mescaline in the car on the way there, and by the time you get to the beach house it's dripping in a weird neon goo that is positively charged like in Ghostbusters II, and as you explore the house, feeling amazing, you walk around room to room, and each room is a different song.  They all show you something new, and then guide you on to the next one.  936 barely left my turntable all summer.

Bill Callahan "Sycamore"
"All you want to do is be the fire part of fire"  Bill Callahan drops great lines like they're weighing him down.  I get the feeling listening to his records that he would write these songs even if there was no one else to hear them, and that is why I love him.  He does this because he has to.  

Creep "You" (Planningtorock remix)
Far fucking out!  This is more psychedelic than half the current bands who identify as such.  I love how minimal it is at the start, then it sorta creeps along like a slow-rolling blob monster, picking up bits and pieces along the way til the epic climax where it fucking destroys the town.

Comet Gain "Why I Try to Look so Bad"
If there was any justice in the world this song would be on every jukebox, radio station, and in the hearts of every man, woman and child in the entire world.  Comet Gain are such a great, underrated band.  If i was dictator of earth this would be our global anthem.  

Radical Dads "Walking Wires"
I fell in love with the Dads when we played together at Bruar Falls on New Years Eve, and my love for them has only grown.  They are not only the best indie rock band in New York City, they are some of the sweetest people you'll ever meet.  I'm very happy to say we'll be releasing their debut LP on Loud Baby Sounds this fall!

Dead Moon "Going South"
I take it back, if I was dictator of earth our anthem would absolutely be "Going South" or "Dagger Moon", and there would be mandatory screenings of Unknown Passage on a nightly basis.  Dead Moon took the DIY ethos beyond music and applied it to everything they did.  Fred Cole sings so fiercely and with such passion he puts all rock n' roll singers to shame except maybe Iggy.  Toody is possibly the coolest person in rock, period.  This band just rules so hard.

Rocketship "I Love You Like the Way I Used To Do"
I am a sucker for this aesthetic, and not many do it better than Rocketship.  I only recently heard them, which is a shame because 15 year-old me would have won the hearts of who knows how many alternative babes if I'd only had Rocketship in my mixtape arsenal.

Simon Joyner "I Will Find You"
Simon does Lennon *almost* better than Lennon on this one.  His lyrics and voice are so distinctive, and he is the rare songwriter who can sing a line like "if you're lost you can call me and I will find you" and make you believe it.  He is honest without being earnest, which is one of the hardest things to do.  Last year he even let his fans host his shows in their homes.  What a great guy!