In celebration of The Rosebuds fifth full-length record, Loud Planes Fly Low, front man Ivan Howard graced Epitonic with a meticulously crafted playlist highlighting some of his favorite tracks from the site.
The Rosebuds are a two-piece indie rock/dance/folk band hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina and have collaborated with artists such as Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), GAYNGS, and Roman Candle. Their new release on Merge Records proves to be one of their most emotional and risky pieces of work to date showcasing the band's willingness to push their creative and emotional limits.

Check out Ivan's playlist and then head over to Merge and buy a copy of The Rosebuds' new album.

The Raveonettes - "Attack of the Ghost Riders"
They've been one of my favorite bands since they released this single. Then I saw them live at SXSW a few years ago and they destroyed.

Other Lives - "Tamer Animals"
I can't wait to hear this song every night on our upcoming summer tour in the US. Dark and perfect.

The Rosebuds - "Second Bird of Paradise"
(Editor: We asked Ivan to pick a Rosebuds song.)

Polvo - "Tragic Carpet Ride"
I heard this song while shaving my head back in college on night, and couldn't get that melody out of my head for two weeks. Every few years I would remember that song but could never figure out what it was until I saw the video on YouTube a couple of years ago.

Spoon - "Me and the Bean"
To me, this is the perfect song.

The War on Drugs - "Baby Missiles"
Gives me the same feeling that some of my favorite Dire Straights songs do. Fills a void missing in music lately.

BB King - "The Thrill is Gone"
My all time favorite bass line of all time. Matter of fact this song pretty much brings everything else on my list back into perspective.

Beck - "Lost Cause"
I used to make all of the Beck's t-shirts for his tours at my old job at Tannis-Root in Raleigh, NC. We used to play it in the background and I thought it sounded too much like the Allman Brothers until a couple of years later it hit me, and now it's one of my go-to records.

The Dismemberment Plan - "Superpowers"
I randomly walked in a club in Wilmington NC in 1999 and saw them playing with some friends of mine and was completely blown away and opened up a whole new world of what was out there musically outside of my hometown.

The Gutter Twins - "Idle Hands"
I was a big fan of the Afghan Whigs and Mark Lanegan back in the day so it only makes sense that I would like the Gutter Twins. When I saw them at Noise-pop festival in San Francisco, I realized it was the first real rock band I've seen in a while live too.

Imperial Teen - "Ivanka"
This song, and Spoon's "Girls Can Tell" record is pretty much the reason we're on Merge Records today. A friend at a restaurant Kelly and I used to work at had this CD and I fell in love with this song, and on the back of the record it said Merge. I knew we found a home.

Matt Suggs - "Where's Your Patience Dear"
Our old record store called CD Alley had this song in a listening station. I remember listening to it and about halfway through I stopped it and went over and bought the record. I went straight home and played the whole thing ten times in a row.