In conjunction with Tomorrow Never Knows 2014, saki had the privilege of hosting a handful of incredible in-stores. We played host to Diane Coffee, Mutual Benefit and Diarreah Planet over the course of 5 days in January, but the clear highlight among the week’s performances (for both TNK and saki) was Superchunk. 

Superchunk’s place in the pantheon of indie rock has been rightly earned, and yet it is a peculiar one. The band’s DIY ethos has served as a rulebook for independent-minded musicians for the past 25 years, but their sound has always been less aggressive and caustic than so many of the bands who have followed in their footsteps. The accessibility of their songs has always been what sets them apart from their peers, and has allowed the band to maintain a highly respectable career for so many years.

Much like Mac McCaughan’s Portastatic side project, the strength of Superchunk’s songs shine through in an acoustic setting. As a band whose signature is ringing guitars and Mac’s nasaly yowl, it is affecting to hear their music stripped to the bone. That is how Superchunk is presented here, in their Epitonic saki Session. Joined by longtime guitarist, Jim Wilbur, Mac belts out material ranging from 2013’s I Hate Music all the way back to 1993’s pivotal On the Mouth.

saki and Epitonic would like to thank Tomorrow Never Knows, Merge Records, Metro, and of course, Mac and Jim for this truly memorable session!

Live Sound and Article: Adam Hirzel
Recording, Mixing, Mastering, and Photo: Justin Sinkovich