Last summer we brought in Son Lux (AKA multi-instrumentalist songwriter Ryan Lott) to do a session with us on the heels of his latest album, We Are Rising (Anticon). The album was written and recorded in just one month as part of NPR's RPM Challenge but you'd never know from its depth and character.

Son Lux was in Chicago performing at Pritzker Pavilion as part of their Electric Picnic music series and came by immediately after his concert to play a set at saki. Quite the juxtaposition of venues going from a gigantic modern art bandshell in the heart of Millennium Park to an intimate record store in Logan Square. The differences are actually pretty astounding, where at Pritzker Son Lux had a beautiful black lacquered grand piano, while at saki he had a barely tuned upright. At Pritzker a multimillion dollar speaker and monitor system from brands with names I couldn't even pronounce, while at saki two Yamaha speakers and a single monitor.

Son Lux didn't miss a beat despite the obvious differences in equipment and location; he proceeded to entrance the crowd with his brooding, atmospheric avant-pop compositions. He was joined by accomplished songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jonny Rodgers on electric guitar, who deftly kept up with Sun Lux's flows and improvisations. The two performed half a dozen songs, but only one song made the grade due to technical difficulties, which is a risk we take in doing live sessions. Regardless, we're pleased to offer a video and MP3 download for "Betray."

Video Production -- Jason Zenz
Live Sound -- Adam Hirzel
Audio Recording -- Hawon Jung