Inspired by the beauty and drone of last week’s Pillars Tongues session, we unearthed an older session that got unjustly lost in our post production archives. Shannon Hayden joined us at saki a few months ago armed as she always is with a cello, guitar, a microphone, and an arsenal of effects and samplers to preview her latest album, November 2012’s ‘Solid State Cello.’ She commanded the stage with an eerie meditative layering of loops and cello flourishes beginning with her first piece, “Blown Away.” The second track shows slightly more of her songwriting side with an early version of “Wakening,”’ which she had actually given us the original name of “When I Wake Up.” Similarly, her third number was untitled at the time, and later appeared on the album as “1960’s Black and White.” Hayden stepped back from the latest release to perform one selection from 2010’s ‘Pieces of the Sun’ entitled “Dreamlife Realities,” a more adventurous nod to Portishead with delayed trip hop backing beats and the sudden addition of heavy rock guitar lead riff crescendos. She fell back into a more classical interlude before the single-worthy final track from the new album “Building Not Burning,” anchored by a slow suicide-ish drum machine. Hayden is undoubtedly classically trained, yet her moody compositions challenge those traditions with modern technology and style at her disposal.

Hopefully, Shannon is not too upset with us for the delay in publishing this, but we are happy to revisit our session with her and share a great recording with you. Hear more from Shannon and buy her music at

Recorded mixed and mastered by Justin Sinkovich