Record Store Day is a time to celebrate independent record stores for what they mean to the true music lovers among us. In Chicago, Record Store Day may as well be a government holiday! The city boasts so many amazing record stores that provide a place for us to learn about, purchase and experience music on a daily basis. There is a small group of die-hards who jump around from store to store on Record Store Day, not only looking for all those exclusive releases, but also to check out what special events each store is offering. If you follow these sessions, you know by now that saki hosts an in-store marathon every Record Store Day. In 2012, the Runnies closed out our marathon. We couldn’t have asked a better band to finish the day!

Joined by what was left of our staff, and a small crowd of true believers, The Runnies set personified so much of what is truly special about Record Store Day and Chicago music in general. Lead singer, Mary McKane delivered a weathered half-shout that appropriately echoed how we were all feeling by the end of Record Store Day. The bands, employees and customers were all exhausted and probably a little drunk, but ultimately feeling optimistic about what the day meant to our community. For one day a year, we go harder than ever to celebrate the small, and not-so-small things we do the other 364 days of the year. With bands like The Runnies to get excited about, we always have a reason to push on!

Record Store Day is a big deal to us, as are The Runnies. They’re one of the best bands to represent Chicago, not only for their gnarled, classic garage rock sound, but also because many of their members have shared duties in some of Chicago’s other top bands, not least among them are Outer Mind and Radar Eyes. To us, Record Store Day is about two things: community and great music - The Runnies kick ass at both of those things.

Photo Credit: Gonzo Chicago