Like Pioneers are a scruffy indie pop band from Chicago boasting four ex-members of Bound Stems, who broke up at the end of 2008. After a substantial break from performing, former singer and guitarist Bobby Gallivan, rejoined guitarist Dan Fleury, vocalist Janie Porche, and bassist/keyboardist Daniel Radzicki to start playing music together again. They added more friends to the equation including former The Narrator member Jesse Woghin as an additional vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist. Woghin had also previously released Bound Stems on Flameshovel, the label he co-founded. Add drummer Matt Holland and multi-instrumentalist Darren Garvey, and Like Pioneers in its present form is born.

The comparison to Bound Stems is inevitable and it's a logical starting point, but there are some noticeable differences in Like Pioneer’s recordings and live performances. The songwriting has evolved with more catchiness than ever, while the band is patient and allows each song to develop and breathe. Woghin’s songwriting is a great addition, and the band sounds fuller while managing to stay both loose and more ragged. All of these elements are a nice combination on the band’s latest album Oh, Magic released in May of 2012, and at our live in our session where they band performed five songs from this new long-player, a release definitely worth checking out after enjoying our live versions.