Pink Frost are a Chicago band previously and perhaps more prevalently known as Apteka. The name change was implemented to dodge the confusion from a Polish band also with their original name, and apparently this really pissed them off, musically at least. Where Apteka has historically been rooted in big space rock songs, Pink Frost is noticeably more unsettled and viscious. Their reputable shoegaze is now infused with an aggression and angularness that conjure the energies of bands like ‘Only Theatre of Pain’ era Christian Death and the Stooges. Adam’s Lukas’ vocals are now more unbridled, channeling the howl of Fugazi’s Guy Picciotto. Washy guitars still abound, yet jagged new progressions over pounding drums now set a new pace.

A band as sonically overwhelming as Pink Frost are a challenge to capture for our small ambient space and live-focused production strategies. Nevertheless the band sounded great, and we ended up with a really great sounding collection of tracks to share. It’s worth noting that Adam Lukas and drummer Jesse Hozeny’s previous band Tracer was one of the earliest additions to the original Epitonic site. Check out Pink Frost’s website here and buy and stream more music here