It’s no secret that Pillars & Tongues a favorite of folks from both saki and Epitonic. So with that we are happy excited to publish a second session with them with a new set of four swirling meditative tracks. This the first time we have published a second session from an artist and although this may not be all that common of an occurrence we jumped at the chance to work with them again.

A local Chicago trio, Pillars & Tongues have added another superb member of their now extensive catalog of recordings of uncategorizable entrancing expansive folk. Their music is as sincere as it is hypotonic and mysterious with the vocal interplay of Mark Trecka and Elizabeth Louise Remis awash with organic drones contributed also by Ben Babbitt. Once again due to the ambience of our space and the band’s talents live we were able to capture a stellar album-quality recording. Structurally the set is quite similar to their first session with us with a longer crescendoing opening track to start with three relatively more concise works later. Pillars & Tongues stick to their distinct sound, yet this newer performance is a little lighter and more melodic in tone and we proudly seem to have incrementally improved the production fidelity as well.

More music and info:

Live sound and recording by Matt Irizarry
Mixed and mastered by Justin Sinkovich