Options is Seth Engel’s solo project. Seth is a multi instrumentalist and vocalist. Seth writes all of the songs himself and performs all vocals and instrumentation on all studio recordings. For Options live performances Seth has a few friends back him up. Bryan Kingsley plays backup guitar and vocals, Mike Nardone plays bass and back up vocals, Evan Loritsch plays drums, and Mike Walker occasionally backs Seth up with vocal harmonies. Seth has played various shows in throughout Illinois at venues such as Beat Kitchen, Subterranean, and Schuba’s.

It is easy to see that these songs are the brain children of Seth and you can feel it in his live show. But don’t be mistaken, the band Seth has formed behind him puts that energy on the next level. They show great technical ability in this math rock singer songwriter style of play. Sometimes it is clear when a musician is playing something they are told to play. But, these guys have taken Seth’s songs and made them their own. With the help Seth has from his backup band and his dedication to this art form will make Options a band to keep an eye on in the near future.