Legit is one of the most promising up and coming rappers from the Chicago underground community. At 20, he's getting a lot of attention, particularly due to his video for the track “A Nigger in Northface” which depicts his story of interracial dating. The track in itself is a strong example of why Legit is an artist to pay attention to, but his skillset is far more diverse. He raps within a refreshing mixture of laid back street smarts and intelligent social relevance. Citing influence from Lupe Fiasco and Eminem, his surgical wordsmithing can also be attributed to Kanye West and also the airy production stylings of The Cool Kids -- both Chicago artists.

Legit joined us at Epitonic saki for a Session featuring a number of artists from the Columbia College Chicago AEMMP Records project, a program that has successfully tapped into the young local hip hop scene, and that many Epitonic contributors including myself are involved with. Legit clearly stood out at this showcase as a very sincere but charismatic artist who we are proud to champion. Enjoy these three tracks he recorded with us at saki, including a great version of his YouTube hit which rounded out the set.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Justin Sinkovich