Here is yet another fantastic session finally seeing the light of day from the Epitonic archives of Record Store Day 2012 at saki with BV Chicago. Hollows is a Chicago-based quintet, fronted by Maria Jenkins who also plays organ and guitar. With the rest of the band besides Jason the drummer being female, their harmonies, and vintage organ sound, Hollows is often compared to the girl groups that dominated the 60’s pop charts like The Shangri-La’s. Although a decent enough starting point, a more apparent influence is the most successful all-girl group of all time, The Go Go’s. Jenkins’ vocal deliver and songwriting largely channels Belinda Carlisle on top of a garage rock sensibility that is becoming a mainstay of the current Chicago independent scene.  

Hollows blazed through their set of quick and loud rock songs to the later half of our Record Store Day festivities, reigniting the energy of our sizable audience. The recordings from the day turned out great, and are largely a selection of tracks from their newest album Vulture which was released earlier this year.

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