The Handsome Family is a seminal folk country husband-wife duo formed in Chicago, then relocating to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  As part of the Carrot Top Records roster since the mid-90’s, a label which resides within the confines of Epitonic and saki’s building, we were treated to a very special and extended session with a packed space full of friends and fans. Vocalist / banjo-player Rennie Sparks and vocalist / guitarist Brett Sparks selected their “favorite tragic ballads from the past 1000 years.”  As subjects range from interspecies marriage, to the sinking of the Titanic, to a variety of murder ballads, The Handsome Family treated us to a full ten-song set. Where the songs old-timey songs they selected each tell a story, Brett and Rennie introduced most with the backstory and their own witticisms. We made sure to keep in a good portion of these introductions in the recordings, as they were a truly entertaining facet of the performance, providing a great sense of the spirit of the evening.  

As you enjoy the session, also head over to their website ( which includes information on everything going on with them including links to buy their new album entitled Wilderness and also US live dates starting tomorrow on the East Coast, July in the Midwest and later in the Fall on the West Coast.