The GTW is a Chicago-based Nigerian-American hip hop artist who blends rap with dark soul, R&B, and a variety of styles of electronic music including breakbeat, downtempo, and house. GTW stands for “greater than wealth,” and helps identify him like many of his Chicago peers and predecessors as focused on subject matter and lifestyle more eclectic than the mainstream gangster rap world. The GTW has been collaborating with a lot of exciting young local Epitonic favorites including Brandun Deshay and Rockie Fresh. More important to his sound continuing to be rooted in soul and R&B, he works with a number of female vocalists who contribute throughout his tracks. The result of these various elements is something underground, yet palatable to a mainstream audience as well.

The GTW joined us for the same session as last week’s like-minded featured Epitonic saki Session artist Legit, as a part of the Columbia College Chicago AEMMP Records showcase. GTW kicked off the session with a quick yet diverse set of tracks selected from tracks his burgeoning repertoire. More information about The GTW can be found at and