Back in March, Faux Fix embarked on a nationwide “living room tour,” booking shows in living rooms all around the country. Faux Fix only claims two permanent members, Katie Chastain & Nathan Johnson, but they certainly don’t have the sound or setup of a small indie band. When they came to saki to play a session, they had one of the most legit stage setups we’ve ever seen, complete with wine glasses (courtesy of touring band member & EsS alum, Jonny Rodgers) and a hip holster for Nathan. I can’t recall what the holster was actually for, but man, it looked serious!

Even as separate entities, the members of Faux Fix are fairly accomplished. Nathan is the founding member of the Cinematic Underground, an art-pop collective that led him to some amazing work in film scores. The first being his critically acclaimed score for the 2005 hit neo-noir indie film, Brick, directed by his cousin Rian Johnson, as well as the score for Rian’s second film, The Brothers Bloom, and a few foreign films after that. Katie has released a few well-received solo records under her own name, highlighted by her seductive vocals, recalling British indie darlings like The XX or Florence & The Machine. Pairing Johnson’s restrained, but lush electronic orchestration with Chastain’s vocals makes for an intoxicating sound, both live & in studio. The addition of Jonny Rodgers on the wine glasses is an added bonus!

It’s hard to believe that a band with such a well developed sound is touring the country playing living rooms, but we have to hand it to them, they put on a truly special show. This is one of the best sounding live recordings I’ve ever heard! It might be too late to see them in your living room, but if you ever get the chance to see Faux Fix live, these tracks are proof that you shouldn’t pass it up, whether it’s in a living room, record store, or a club, Faux Fix will put on an amazing show for you.