Ok, let’s get the obvious question out of the way: No, Tyler Jon Tyler is not a dude. Tyler Jon Tyler is, in fact, Rebecca Flores, Nathan Jerde and Tom Cassling, and they’re one of the best garage-pop bands in Chicago right now. To quote the perennially awesome blog, Raven Sings The Blues, TJT make “pop records that make you feel fifteen forever.” I don’t think I could give them a better compliment than that, but hey, I’ll try. With their obvious reverence for jangly, off-kilter pop from across the pond -- like The Raincoats and Vaselines -- I think it’s safe to say that this is the kind of band that Kurt Cobain would have freaking loved. The man had good taste.

With her siren voice and energetic mic moves, Flores handily commands a room in ways that put most swaggering young men to shame. Given the pedigree of her rhythm section behind her (Nathan played with the Ponys and Tom is from Daily Void), Rebecca isn’t the only force to be reckoned with in this band. It takes a group of musicians this good to pull off the “less is more” approach to pop songwriting these guys wield so capably.

It took us a long time to get Tyler Jon Tyler to play at saki, but it was well worth the wait! They joined us for an in-store session back in mid-August, and ripped through a set of infectious tunes mostly pulled from their stellar self-titled debut full-length. With their summery sound, they're the kind of garage band that won’t necessarily blow out your ear drums, but they’ll certainly keep your head bopping from start to finish.

We’re now anxiously waiting for the next Tyler Jon Tyler album (or at the very least, the next live performance) but for now, please enjoy these tracks from their amazing set at saki! Hell, we think it’ll be hard not to...