Over the summer, the new Epitonic moved into its first office space. We now share a corner of sakiCarrot Top Distribution's new retail space in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood. After arranging a few secondhand desks and chairs in the back, everyone went straight to work recording a new series of live sessions captured during in-store performances, appropriately named "Epitonic/saki Sessions."

For our second session, we were graced with the presence of Louisiana native Amy LaVere. LaVere isn't just a talented musician and songwriter; she's dabbled in acting as well. Her film credits include a featured role in Craig Brewer's paean to love and blues, Black Snake Moan and a fitting cameo as country legend Wanda Jackson in the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line.

In her "day job" as a musician, LaVere plays Americana in the most modern sense of the term. Her songwriting is often novella-like and steeped in the canon of classic country, jazz and blues, and she stand out from the pack with her tender yet sultry voice and the noir-esque subject matter that infuses her songs. She sings of lost love and murder on her critically-lauded new release Stranger Me, her third for Memphis-based Archer Records. Moving on from the loss of her mentor and longtime producer, the legendary Jim Dickinson (The Replacements, Big Star, Mudhoney, Screamin' Jay Hawkins), Stranger Me finds this southern girl exploring new sonic territory and adeptly expanding the boundaries of classically American music.

Amy joined us in August, playing saki's in-store stage for an intimate, captive audience before celebrating her record release at one of our local favorites, Schubas Tavern. We hope you enjoy her beautiful voice and undeniable talent in this selection of MP3s from her performance.

Live Sound -- Adam Hirzel
Audio Recording and Mixing -- Justin Sinkovich
Mastering -- Hawon Jung