Easily one of our most intense sessions to date, was this enchanting performance by Chicago’s Daniel Knox. Playing to a full house, you can hear the tension of dead silence as the audience absorbed these six eerie tracks. Slumped over our upright piano, Daniel was accompanied only by a multi-instrumentalist who provided a sparse cavalcade of odd instruments like the melodica and saw. The set featured some of his finest of tragic, eerie, loathsome, and ironic post-vaudevillian repertoire.

If you’ve never heard Daniel Knox’s work, this is an excellent place to start enjoying his unique storytelling and songwriting. Elements of Tom Waits, Nick Cave, and Black Heart Procession are a reference point, but there is no doubt that Daniel Knox is in his own unique dark world of cinematic artistry. Please enjoy more great music from Daniel Knox at his Bandcamp (http://danielknox.bandcamp.com) and follow what he is up to at his website (http://danielknox.com/).

Recorded by Justin Sinkovich and Matt Irizarry
Mixed and mastered by Justin Sinkovich