After a bit of delay due to artist touring schedules and other projects over here at Epitonic, we are finally able to post the Chris Mills Epitonic saki Session!  Originally based in Chicago, Chris was one of the first artists to appear on Epitonic back in the day. His craft and career have continued to evolve and flourish after a move to Brooklyn.  He visited us to record these eight tracks in support of his latest album Alexandria from which about half of this set’s material came from.

If you aren’t familiar with Chris’s work, the new album is a perfect entry point to his seventeen- year canon of work.   Alexandria is both ragged and beautiful, both raw and polished, both grand and simple… our recording isn’t perfect due to some technical difficulties, but Chris and his band’s performance is truly impressive which elevates it to being a great listen. Chris was happy to have this session finally come to fruition, we are sure you will be happy with it as well.