It's interesting to look at the separate musical microcosms that exist inside of a given town's infrastructure. Even with dozens of genres and scenes on display within city blocks of one another; Chicago, in particular, plays host to movements where even those disparate fragments are shattered into even tinier bits of kaleidoscopic glass with such regularity, that keeping things current is a fool's errand.
Somewhere along the city’s South side, just blocks from the tourist traps of Chinatown, sits the Shape Shoppe, a loft space housed within an unassuming multi-floor building settled along a strip of area where there's not much going on at all. Operating in spite of the industrial depreciation of the surrounding area, the Shape Shoppe's residents are some of the most creative and prolific in the city.
Chandeliers, a group who came together in 2004, are the nucleus within the center of the Shape Shoppe's never-off vacuum of activity and in this Epitonic saki Session, presented by the Chicago-centric Notes and Bolts label, the band's latest creations, including selections from last year's astounding 'Founding Fathers' (Captcha) are displayed front and center. Playing in support of a 7" then freshly released by N+B, Chandeliers have pulled together a set that immediately illuminates the elements that make them so endearing - electronic drums march in perfect time as synthesizers weave themselves in and out of every piece while vocalist Cameron Brand croons atop.
Having recently enjoyed a month long residency at Chicago landmark, The Hideout, along with a new LP, the sequel to the outstanding 'Dirty Moves' LP, Chandeliers are showing no signs of slowing down.
This session can also be found on cassette along with the session from show mates Deep Sleep. It is the inaugural split release between saki’s in-house label and Notes and Bolts - the first in a series of live sessions recorded at saki and released on limited-run cassettes available from saki and Notes and Bolts, as well as here, for download, on Epitonic!