Bottomless Pit is a Chicago quartet that formed after Tim Midyett and Andy Cohen’s band mate in Silkworm, drummer Michael Dahlquist, was killed in a tragic car crash in 2005. Bottomless Pit built upon the legacy of influences enacted by Silkworm, namely their Neil Young-esque alternative rock twang combined with angular metallic Travis Bean guitars, and muscular bass driven post punk.  This new iteration of Midyett and Cohen’s distinctive take on the 90’s Touch and Go sound was a logical home for Brian Orchard formerly of .22 to join on bass, and drummer Chris Manfrin, who was also in a seminal 90’s Touch and Go band Seam. 

Bottomless Pit released their debut album ‘Hammer of the Gods’ in 2007 to much interest and respect, largely due to fans of the pedigree of the band.  ‘Blood Under the Bridge’ maintained a steady progression and interest from fans as well.  It was the late-2013’s ‘Shade Perennial’ that really has seen the Bottomless Pit gain even more of its own distinct identity through a heavier and more sonic approach.  This progression has clearly garnered a new generation of fans as well, many of which may have never heard Silkworm or the other previous output that brought this band together.  

Epitonic and saki hosted a wonderful event to celebrate the release of their third album, playing the album in its entirety.  Included here are several songs from the performance of the album and a cover of kindred spirit Jason Molina AKA Songs: Ohia who had recently passed away earlier that year.   We did our best to maintain the style Bottomless Pit’s audiophilic analog production style.  We are no Steve Albini, but are quite happy with the results and hope you like it as well.