Big Science is a four-piece Chicago rock band whose bio reads “the soundtrack to making out with your junior high crush, wile watching a John Hughes film at a YMCA lock in.” This description rings true, not because they are a 80’s throwback, but because their songs are huge and infectious, yet sincere and capture a mood just like Hughes’ movies. There is in fact substantial 80’s influence, perhaps even from bands who grace those same soundtracks like Breakfast Club’s Simple Minds or Pretty In Pink’s Echo and the Bunnymen. Regardless, as much as the shimmery delays, thick synths, and cavernous reverbs pay a bit of homage to the past, Big Science is clearly committed to forging new ground with their huge songs anchored by post-dance-punk beats and layers of harmonies.

The members of Big Science arrived to saki with a small music store worth of gear and maxed out the tech capabilities of our sessions with an arsenal of keyboards and samplers to compliment their traditional rock band set up. This ambitious set up was unprecedented for our sessions, but was of little surprise. Several members of the band are veterans of professional live sound production, which was apparent by their casual approach to such a complex engineering. Surrounded by instruments, effects, and cords, Big Science impressively delivered renditions of several songs from their new album, Difficulty. The name “big science” has never seemed so fitting, as these audio scientists created a huge sound.