For Record Store Day 2012 Epitonic and bvChicago hosted a day-long celebration at saki featuring some of our very favorite bands that accompanied a frenzy of vinyl buying. The first to be released from this magical and exhausting annual event is Chicago’s Bare Mutants. Born out of the Matador/ In The Red garage rockers The Ponys, singer Jered Gummere’s newest and most currently active project of his prolific young career turns the volume down considerably, focusing on 60’s influenced pop melodies. Gummere’s recognizably cavernous vocals are backed with the more delicate yet Grace Slick-like contrasts of Jeanine O’Toole’s (also of The 1900’s) harmonies. This vocal approach was undoubtedly inspired to a degree by Gummere’s time performing live with a comparable male/female duo, The Dutchess and the Duke. The thick organ, space echo swells, and heavy tambourine unmistakably harken to the avant minimalism of The Velvet Underground while drawing wider influence from a range of classic 80’s 4AD bands and beyond. 

A sizeable crew of supporters piled into our store to cheer on eight gems from this young band, including “Inside My Head” and “Without You” from their Hozac Records debut single released in February of 2012. The remaining tracks are likely from their upcoming debut album which is currently in production. This session is by far the most comprehensive recordings available from the band to date, exclusively from your friends at Epitonic, saki, and bvChicago. Enjoy.