Epitonic is proud to announce its first release as a music label, Between Buildings, Toward The Sea, the debut full-length from Dublin, Ireland indie rock band Autumn Owls. The album will be released October 16 in Ireland and October 23 in the US.  

We are announcing the launch of our label with the publishing of Autumn OwlsEpitonic saki Session recorded earlier this year. The band was in town recording their album with Chicago local indie producer Brian Deck (Iron and Wine, Modest Mouse, Red Red Meat). The trio stopped in and performed several of their brooding and entrancing tracks for a captivated intimate audience. The band was a great match for the ambiance of our store space, highlighting all three of the musicians contributions to these delicate and intricate songs. It’s always fascinating to hear a band perform while they are in the studio completing an album. The details of each part are under the players’ microscope, with every detail under scrutiny. It was a real treat to hear Autumn Owls translate this thoughtfulness to a live audience with tracks that ended up as both hypnotic and sincere.

So many artists are self-releasing their own music these days, while at the same time labels are being more conservative due to the economic challenges of the music industry. What seems to be missing, is the community a label can provide to emerging artists. Labels help collectively curate a sound or aesthetic that music fans can identify and follow. Launching a label is one more step towards Epitonic’s mission of community and supporting up-and-coming artists. We are proud to announce the release the debut album from Autumn Owls, a great band from Dublin, Ireland we’ve become friends with over the past year. It has been thrilling to work with them. In the meantime, we are speaking with several other artists about releases and hope to announce more soon.