Since their initiation into the indie pop-rock world in 2009, Archie Powell & The Exports have grown from a local sensation to a national contender. Their latest album, Great Ideas in Action, reflects a more defined, mature sound resulting in rave reviews from the Examiner, Chicago Red Eye, and more. We were to happy to host Archie Powell & The Exports for an Epitonic saki Session and grove to their danceable beats!

Twenty-something angst is a common lyrical theme throughout their collection of tunes, but the catchy, fast-paced instrumentals keep the sound bouncy and upbeat. "Job Fair" is a particularly insightful song, which speaks to the all-too-familiar woes of finding a job or even keeping one. Another notable mention is "Crazy Pills," which takes a slight departure to heavier tonal qualities and more combative lyrics.

Archie Powell & The Exports are doing a Midwestern tour this February, so be sure to catch a show while you can!