Today marks the release of Canada's The Most Serene Republic's fourth studio album, Pre Serene: Thee Oneironauts, on the band's own label, Home of the Rebels. PS:TO is an interesting release as TMSR was formerly known as Thee Oneironauts (O-nye-rawn-nauts) when they were just a duo consisting of Ryan Lenssen and Adrian Jewett before adding Nick Greaves on guitar. This album is a collection of remastered Thee Oneironauts tunes, which gives listeners a feel for the band's early work. It's also of note that The Most Serene Republic were the first band signed to Arts & Crafts records that didn't feature or connect to any members of Broken Social Scene.

The aforementioned Nick Greaves took a moment out of his day to curate a playlist for us, so without further ado, check out his selections then buy a copy of his new record from We also have two free PS:TO album tracks on their artist page.

Hey Mercedes - "Bells"
Braid - "Please Drive Faster"
Dismemberment Plan - "You Are Invited"
TV on The Radio - "Will Do"
Panda Bear - "Last Night At The Jetty"
The Luyas - "Too Beautiful To Work"
Howie Beck - "Serves You Right"
Jay Reatard - "Ain't Gonna Save Me"
The Sea and Cake - "Up on the North Shore"
The National - "Bloodbuzz Ohio"

"Hey Mercedes, this song in particular, takes me back to my senior year of high school.  And if that is a momentary theme, Braid's "Please Drive Faster" does the same - Bob Nanna can do no wrong. Awesome guy too.  Dismemberment Plan is one of the most underrated bands ever, had the pleasure of seeing them in NYC last January.  "Will Do" is my favourite TV on The Radio song they've ever released.  This entire album by Panda Bear is fantastic, so picking one song is hard, but I went with "Last Night At The Jetty."  We'd been listening to the Luyas for years after touring with Jessie's previous band Miracle Fortress.  To sum up Howie Beck good guy & great producer.  Jay Reatard left us way too soon.  I like everything The Sea & Cake has ever done.  I've seen The National live at least 5 times now, always play to impress." - Nick Greaves