Epitonic caught up with Bryan Bankovich, co-founder of Atlanta based creative media agency Newmerica, and picked up 10 free tracks from bands set to perform in the upcoming Little Five Fest in Little 5 Points. As one of the festival organizers, Bryan has helped put together a diverse selection of artists who are of Atlanta's indie elite. Spanning five stages, three venues and featuring 35 bands, the Little Five Fest will be held on September 24 from noon to 3 a.m. 

Check out the festival website here, and check out all their videos here (be sure to check out the Jive Promo).
Their music may seem familiar at times, but their approach is wholly original and fresh.

Garage rockers fronter by former Gringo Star member Matt McCalvin.

Songs of loss and laughter and maybe even a new lease on life.

With between 10-15 members on stage at time, their live show heavily relies on performance art and audience participation.

Music reminiscent of the thematic expressions of Galt McDermont.

Anna Kramer has the voice of an angel that could save your rotten soul

Washed out vocals over distorted melodies.

Skin Jobs are part man and part machine and they will be the first to remind you the name comes from Blade Runner, not Battlestar Galactica.

These guys are all about having fun, getting dressed up and throwing some sort or carnival at their show.

Most often pegged as experimental hip hop, these boys know how to deliver some serious sound and comfortably fit wherever good times are to be had.