It began as a couple dudes sharing a Chicago apartment. The aforementioned dudes, ultramark and Ryan McCarthy began writing songs and soon found a cult following after relocating to Grand Rapids, Michigan. With the addition of Alex Fives on bass and Jeremy Malvin on drums, the two became four and the four began busting out killer rock shows with costumes, props, and indie pop party jams. The result was a band named Stepdad. At some point they self-released an EP called Oridinaire, scored a soundtrack, and accumulated a rap sheet (like any Stepdad worth his shit!). Now they're re-releasing the EP on Quite Scientific along with two bonus tracks, one of which we're premiering here today.

Download "Find Love" and discover the band that Blogcritics says sounds like "if Passion Pit and The Postal Service had a kid out of wedlock."