In early 2010, Big Scary promised an EP for each season. The soothing rebirth of spring, the raw energy of summer, the ease of autumn, and the heartfelt frost of winter. Big Scary's latest release, The Big Scary Four Seasons, is all four of the "seasons" EPs in one nice package. 

The Big Scary Four Seasons is not just an EP compilation. Frantic coolness drives the garage rock sounds of summer while winter's soulful, piano fueled ballads makes us want to curl up next to the fire and avoid leaving the house. Yet somehow each season of the release weaves seamlessly into the next through subtle hints and gentle mood shifts.

April of this year saw Big Scary's track "Autumn" featured in an AT&T TV spot landing them a considerable amount of buzz and recognition. The band is currently in the studio back home in Melbourne, writing and recording their highly anticipated debut record. 

Take a listen to the Epitonic exclusive "Tuesday is Rent Day," an ode to being a broke musician (and PS3 junky) through the summer and throwing all your priorities out the window. Follow it up with the come down of "Autumn" either immediately or sometime in September.  

The Big Scary Four Seasons was self-released on May 17th. Enjoy.