Epitonic's third year anniversary [march 8th or 9th- i can't even remember right now] was virtually ignored here in the Epitonic "office." Just like last year, the occasion was talked about briefly and then forgotten as we turned back to face these demonic screens. Addressing the endless server complications, bill paying [or lack thereof], computer meltdowns, nervous breakdowns [that's slightly dramatic], review writing, conference calls [we're scattered all over the damn place], sound file encoding, database developement, blah blah blah makes most weeks seem like minutes.

Sometimes it's hard to enjoy what you love because it's so much work. I think that statement applies to more than Epitonic, for all of us. So maybe try and step back and take it all in for a change. I know i will on April 18th when the founders of Epitonic all step foot in the same room for the first time in almost two years.