Ever noticed that little part of Michigan on the west side of Lake Michigan seperate from every single large town in the state. Well that's called the Upper Pennisula aka "the UP [you pee]." I had never been, but this past weekend I made a trip up to play a rock show with Atombombpocketknife. We headed north and stopped in Green Bay for the night. Green Bay is so weird, it's tiny but has a NFL football team and every single person there worships them- bizarre. We didn't know what to do once we got to Green Bay, we almost went in this obviously redneck bar but Che thought we were going to get beat up- good call. We wandered around a bit more and then Allison in some moment of clarity asked some "cool looking kids" sitting next to us at a redlight where to go. These folks happen to be in perhaps the only indie band in Green Bay and we were totally set. They took us out to where their friend was bartending and then we had a party at their house until the sun was coming up. Talk about fate dealing you a nice hand- thanx y'all.

We drove to Houghton MI the next day which is a gorgeous town on a river and in the mountains. They were right in the middle of the spring thaw luckily because they get so much snow there that they had buildings made of snow, it was crazy. We played at the indoor skatepark there and afterwards went out to a bar where it is perfectly acceptable to throw up in the provided buckets and keep drinking. ASTONISHING/YIKES?!?! And again we had a party at the house until the wee hours of the morning.

Thanks to everyone who took care of us, they are a perfect example of why playing in a band is worth all of the headaches and hemoraging bank accounts. It's all about the adventure of figuring out what's next and meeting new friends in places you would otherwise never go.