I wish infinite congratulations and good fortune in the marriage of Noah Young and Jill Daves. Noah and Jill were introduced when me and two friends moved to Chicago in 1997. We stayed at Noah's apartment while looking for our own place. Jill came to help us out and visit [she was going to school in Champaign IL], staying with Noah as well. Almost five years later, they are to be married next week.

Noah and Jill are like family to me, I've known Jill since i was 17- striking out on my own for the first time in the college dorms. Noah was my closest friend when I moved to Chicago. He lived in the apartment right above mine and we worked together, carpooling every day. Then we all three worked together when Epitonic's Chicago office was in the back of their video store Blast Off. We've fought and argued- especially when we were both running our volatile and often frustrating businesses. But that's what families do- and I hope they can forgive me for the times when I was such a jackass. I hope they always remember that with such a family relationship, comes an unconditional love and respect.

I hope these two will be extremely happy and enjoy their life together, and that they will include me in their future. Two people finding each other is to be celebrated, and the congregation of old friends will make this week even more fantastic. With the impending wedding, I can't help but think of myself and how I hope to find someone eventually. It makes me seriously wonder if I ever will. But in the meantime, i have good friends like Noah and Jill- and that means more to me than they will ever know.