****instead of completely changing this page this week, i'd rather leave it and go out and enjoy the perfect weather, it's a rarity for chicago. but i did add a couple of great track from my friends Bellini, DJ? Acucrack, and Oxes- great stuff, good folks. there is also a cool new track from Chris Brokaw compliments of Kimchee Records.****

as it starts to cool off a lil' finally, i'm reminded how i'll beg for a glimpse of warmth when the 14 month long Chicago winter hits. I've had more great music sent to me than ever before and this is some of the music new and old that's been the soundtrack to those humid commutes and steamy evenings on the porch.

weekend mornings:
The Beach Boys- Sunflower, Friends, Wild Honey
Steely Dan- Katy Lied, Greatest Hits from 1979
Alice Coltrane- Monastic Trio, Journey in Satchidananda
Miles Davis- Bitches Brew, Live Evil
DJ Shadow- The Private Press

roll in my six four- actually it's a 90 Volvo Wagon but whatever:
Techno Animal- Brotherhood of the Bomb
Anti Pop Consortium- Arrhythmia
Dr. Octagon- Dr. Octagynocologyst
Sterling - first album, demos of second album
Slayer- South of Heaven, Diabolus in Musica, God Hates Us All
Various Artists- Tommy Boy's Greatest Beats

rock that's been good to me all the time:
Interpol- Turn On The Bright Lights
Guided By Voices- Universal Truths and Cycles
Pink Floyd- Ummagumma, Piper at The Gates of Dawn
Chris Brokaw- Red Cities
Spiritualized- Let It Come Down
Jucifer- I Name You Destroyer
Need New Body- self-titled
Lovelife- Here is Night, Brothers, Here the Birds Burn
Donovan- Greatest Hits
Beatles- everything